To return an item, login to your account on You can login by clicking “Login” in the upper righthand corner of the homepage. From there you can either click the “Login From Facebook” button in  blue if you have an account synced with your Facebook, or enter your email and password and click the green “Login” button.

Once you’re logged in, click the arrow next to your username displayed in the upper righthand corner of the page. A dropdown menu will appear under your username. Click the “Support” tab in the dropdown menu.

When you’re on the Support page, you will see “If you want to return an item, fill out this form.” above a blue button that says “Create Report Request”. DO NOT click “Create Report Request”. Instead, click “this form” just above it.

You will be taken to a return form. The form is very easy to fill out.

Use the dropdown menu under the “Type of Request” section to select what you want to happen to the item when it comes back to us. The form is defaulted to “Refund”, but if you’d like a replacement item instead of the refund, just select “Replacement” under that dropdown menu.

The auction number needed in the “Auction #” section corresponds to the auction number of the item you are returning. Auction numbers can be found under the “My Items” tab located next to your username in the upper righthand side of the page.

Use the dropdown menu under “Reason” section to select the reason why you are returning the item. Your options are “Unsatisfied”, “Defective”, and “Wrong Item”.

In the “Return Description” section, describe what happened and why you are returning the item.

Once you are finished filling out the return form, click the blue “Submit Request” button at the bottom of the form. After you submit your return request, you’ll receive a “Return Mailing Address” (RMA) number. Write that RMA number on the outside of the package that you ship to us to return.

We do suggest you purchase shipping insurance and sending the item back with a signature required to ensure that the items are returned. Remember that return shipping is also at your expense.

Once we receive your item, we will be sending you an email letting you know that you items have come in and will issue your refund within five business days. We issue refunds within five business days after receiving the item, not after you submit your return request form. We will send you another email when your refund has been issued.

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