Logging in to PoliceAuctions.com with your Facebook is an easy one-click way to login. If you have already created an account with an individual email and password, you will have to sync your PoliceAuctions.com account with your Facebook before you can use this feature.

To sync your existing PoliceAuctions.com account to your Facebook, login by clicking Login in the upper righthand corner of the page. Enter your email and password to your PoliceAuctions.com account and click the green Login button.

After logging in, click on the arrow next to you username in the upper righthand corner of the page. This is show a dropdown menu. Click on My Settings in that dropdown menu. After clicking on My Settings, you will be taken to the Edit Profile page. On the lefthand side of the page, there will be a Social Settings button that you click. You will then be taken to the Social Settings page. There, you will click the blue Sync With Facebook button. Your PoliceAuctions.com and Facebook account will automatically become synced.

After doing this process, all you’ll have to do to login from that point on is click the blue Login With Facebook button on the login page.

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