On PoliceAuctions.com, all auctions open at just $1. The highest bidder of the auction is the winner.

A reserve on an auctions means that there’s a minimum amount that has to be bid on the item for the auction to end or for the winner to collect the item. For example, if there is an $18 reserve on an item, and the highest bid made on the item was $15, the winner either has to pay the minimum $18 for the item, or the auction may continue until the reserve is met.

Another great thing about PoliceAuctions.com auctions are that the time for the auction isn’t extended if people are bidding on the item, sometimes called popcorn bidding. Many other auction sites start extending the time of their auctions if there is a lot of bidding going on at the end, so that the winner of the auction will have to pay more for the item.

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