To pay for an item you’re won on, first make sure you’re logged in. You can login in by clicking Login in the upper righthand corner of the screen. You can then either click the blue Login With Facebook Button or enter your email and password and click the green Login button.

After logging in, click My Items in the upper righthand corner next to your username. If there is a red number next to My Items, that means that you have that many unpaid items. You will then be taken to the My Items page which will display pictures and details about your unpaid items such as auction numbers and your winning bid amount.

To pay for an item, click the green Pay For This Item button underneath the picture and description of the item.

After click the Pay For This Item button, you will be taken to the Choose Method Of Payment page. On the lefthand side of the page, you will see a summary of your purchase, including the item number, price, and shipping cost. If you are in California, you will also have to pay the sales tax on that item. Next to the purchase summary, you will see a list of payment options. You will have three options for method of payment: PayPal, Credit Card, and Check. Click the button next to whatever method of payment you choose to pay with.

If you choose PayPal as your method of payment, please note that PayPal automatically supplies your shipping address to us. If you choose Credit Card or Check as your method of payment, you must supply us with your shipping address.

After choosing your method of payment, click the green Continue button.

PayPal: You will be taken to a PayPal page where you can complete your transaction. PayPal automatically supplies us with your shipping address as well.

Credit Card: You will be taken to the Choose Your Address page. If you already have an existing address with us, it will automatically be entered into the form where it can be edited or updated by you. If you do not have an existing address with us, you will have to fill out the form yourself.

Please note that for security measures, your shipping address MUST match your billing address word-for-word. It is also case-sensitive.

Once you fill out the address form, click the green Continue button at the bottom of the form. You will be taken to the Review And Submit Payment page. There will be a form where you enter your credit card information as well as your billing information. Remember that your billing information and your shipping information must be the same. Once you have finished filling out the form, click the green Submit Payment button at the bottom of the form.

Make sure to click the green Submit Payment button once to avoid being charged multiple times.

If your payment does not go through, our friendly Customer Support Team would love to assist you.

To access customer support, click the down arrow next to your username in the upper righthand corner of the page. Click Support from the dropdown menu under your username.

Check: There is a minimum 14-day (from the date of deposit) hold on checks. Bidding will be suspended until your check clears.

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