At we understand that people sometimes forget their passwords, so we’ve made it very simple to reset yours.

To reset your password, firs Login by clicking Login in the upper righthand corner of the page. When you are taken to the login page, there will be a link at the bottom that says Recover your Account! Click Recover Your Account!

After clicking Recover Your Account!, you’ll be taken to the Forgot Password? page. You will then need to enter your email associated with your account and click the blue Submit button.

After you click Submit, we will email you a new temporary password that you can reuse to reset your password. To use the email, open it, copy the new password, click the blue Click To Login button, and paste your password into the password section of the form.

Temporary passwords only work for 24 hours after you receive your email so you’ll have to create a new password after logging in using the temporary one.

Reset your password by logging into your account with your temporary password and then clicking the down arrow next to your username in the upper righthand corner of the screen. This will show you a dropdown menu under your username. Click My Settings, which will take you to the Edit Profile page.

On the lefthand side of the page, there is a Change Password tab. Click on the Change Password tab and you will be taken to the Change Password page. From there, you can enter your new password.

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