Many people buy rings strictly because the like the look, but do you know why? wants to present you with some insight as to the history of certain rings as well as why they’re popular today.

In the 1700s, the the Halo ring featured a center stone surrounded by smaller diamonds or pearls, forming a “halo” around the center stone.

In the Victorian era, the halo ring increased in popularity due to Queen Victoria’s love for her husband, which was unusual in arranged marriages. The halo rings of this era featured colored center stones.

The halo ring became popular again in the 1920s thank to the geometry, symmetry, and clean lines of the ring design, which was in line with the arc deco movement. Modern halo rings are similar to the 1920s design.

Halo rings are currently trendy. Part of it may be because they have a vintage feel to them, but another part of it may be the fact that halo rings can make the center stone look up to 1/2 a carat larger. is an auction site so items are only available for a LIMITED time. Make sure to check back often for updated items!

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