You can find the first-time buyer’s limit by going into your account and scrolling to the bottom of any page There will be a link to Terms And Conditions in the footer at the bottom of the page. Click on Terms And Conditions.

This will take you to the Terms of Service page. Section 4, paragraph 5 will contain the information about the first-time buyer’s limit.

The reason why the first-time buyer’s limit is in place, is so that all of our customers will have the best experience on the website. The purpose of the limit is to protect our customers from any type of credit card fraud.

Once the account has been reinstated after the 90 days first-time buyer’s limit, you will not be placed on the first-time buyer’s limit again.

Keep in mind, all accounts are subject to the first-time buyer’s limit. Please don’t make any duplicate account during the first-time buyer’s limit 90 days. Remember that creating multiple accounts is a violation of the Terms Of Service

If you have any questions in regards to your account while on the first-time buyer’s limit, give out friendly Customer Service Team a call between 8:00 AM and 4:00 PM PST.

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