To make a Second Chance Offer on, first login to your account by clicking Login in the upper righthand corner of the page. You can either click the blue Login With Facebook button, or enter your email and password and click the green Login button. However, logging in with Facebook is a more convenient one-click option.

Once you log in, any Second Chance Offers you have will be displayed on the homepage.

You get a Second Chance Offer when you’re the runner-up in an auction. The Second Chance Offer is a non-negotiable buy price that you can either choose to accept or decline. Second Chance Offers are only made for a limited time while supplies last.

If you choose to decline the Second Chance Offer, click the red I Don’t Want This Item button.

If you choose to accept the Second Chance Offer, click the green Buy Now button. The item will then go straight to your My Items page. From your My Items page, you can pay for your item.

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