In ancient Egypt, garnet was seen as a prized gemstone for the afterlife. Garnet was worn by pharaohs during their lives and has been found on their mummified corpses.

In ancient Rome, garnets were used to stamp wax to seal important documents.

Garnet has been thought to be one of the four precious stones given to King Solomon by God.

From 23-79 AD, red garnets were the most widely-traded gems on the market,

In the Middle Ages, garnets were favored by nobility and the clergy.

The garnet industry peaked in the late 1800s, but they are still popular today. They have been traditionally red, but thanks to modern technology and mining practices, modern stones now come in a variety of colors.

I’ve included links to the garnet items featured in this video. Just click on the blue title under each picture if you’d like to bid on one:


1.6 CTW Garnet Designer Earrings


0.65 CTW Garnet Designer Necklace


3 CTW Garnet Designer Necklace


59 CTW Garnet Designer Necklace


1 CTW Garnet Designer Necklace


8 CTW Garnet Designer Bracelet


3.07 CTW Garnet And Rose Gold Ring


11 CTW Garnet Designer Bracelet


15 CTW Garnet Designer Bracelet


1.2 CTW Garnet Ring

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