The Bezel setting is the second-most popular jewelry setting. This is due to its modern look and its ability to keep the stone secure. Softer stones such as opals, chrome diopside, and turquoise can be kept from being scratched, especially when used in rings. It’s a great setting for people with an active lifestyle who worry about snagging prongs or losing a stone.

Instead of being held to the ring with forked prongs, the stone is kept in place with a low-profile metal rim. This rim can either surround the stone completely, or partially to let more light in transparent stones.

I’ve included the links below to the items featured in this video. If you’d like to bid on an item, simply click the blue title underneath the picture of the item:


3.2 Carat Sapphire and 14 K Solid White Gold Ring


Men’s 2.2 Carat Onyx Designer Ring


Marcel Drucker Garnet and Topaz Designer Ring


6 CTW Garnet Designer Bracelet


8 CTW Peridot Designer Ring


Chrome Diopside and Topaz Designer Ring


5.5 Carat Amethyst Designer Ring has a lot more Bezel Settings in our Jewelry category.

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