Celebrating your 6th anniversary shows that your relationship has strength and stability. However, don’t forget that not only should your relationship be strong and stable, but it should also stay sweet. Finding the perfect gift for your 6th anniversary is a great way to keep the relationship sweet.

The official gemstone gift for the 6th anniversary is amethyst.

Amethyst is called the “jewel of the gods”. It’s also the official gemstone of Ontario, Canada. Amethysts symbolize love, happiness, humility, serenity, and wealth.

A trip together is the perfect was to celebrate your 6th anniversary. Whether you’re flying away for a long vacation, or just taking a weekend trip, go somewhere where your partner can show off their new amethyst jewelry.

I’ve included links below to the items featured in this video. If you’d like to bid on any of the items, just click the blue link under the picture:


7 CTW Amethyst And Solid Sterling Silver Bracelet


3.3 CTW Amethyst And Topaz Ring


1.8 CTW Amethyst Designer Ring


2.6 CTW Amethyst Designer Ring


1 Carat Amethyst Designer Necklace


7.22 CTW Amethyst And Diamond Necklace

PoliceAuctions.com has a ton of other amethyst items up for auction in our Jewelry category.

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