There are so many different stone shapes out there. What does an oval stone say about you?

The oval stone is similar to the round stone, but with a creative twist. Similarly, women who wear oval stones are fairly traditional, but have a fun and creative side. To them, family is a priority. They tend to also be very stable and faithful to their partners. Women who gravitative towards this stone shape are elegant and mature, but still know how to cut loose every once in a while.

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Diamond and Emerald 14 K Yellow Gold Ring


0.55 Cubic Zirconia and Rose Gold-Plated Ring


Ethiopian Opal and Violet Tanzanite Ring


Tanzanite and Diamond Ring


3 CTW Swiss Blue Topaz Ring


1.53 CTW Emerald and Sterling Silver Ring25615

1.5 CTW Sapphire and Sterling Silver Ring

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