PoliceAuctions.com has decided to feature some of our favorite items for this week’s Staff Picks. This weekend, we’re focusing on Trading Cards.

If you see any items you’d like to bid on, just click the blue link under the picture to go directly to the bidding page:


Rocket Raccoon Trading Card

  • 2013 Comic Con exclusive
  • Excellent condition
  • From Guardians of the Galaxy
  • Sought after by collectors after the release of the movie


John F. Kennedy Rosan Printing Corporation Trading Card

  • Perfect for a 1960’s memorabilia collection
  • Commemorates one of America’s most iconic presidents


Vintage 1933 Goudey Indian Chewing Gum Trading Cards

  • Card #15 – Cheif of the Ogallala Tribe
  • Card #36 – The Buffalo Bull
  • Vintage cards from 1933
  • Rare non-sport cards
  • Indian Chewing Gum cards


Vintage 1958 Topps R714-20A Spacecard

  • Card #67 – Return to Earth
  • Rare non-sport card
  • Vintage card from 1958

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