The Chinese Zodiac is based on the Chinese Lunar Calendar. Every year, a different animal and luck stone is assigned, repeating only every twelve years.

The Chinese Lunar Calendar Luck Stone for the year of the ox is aquamarine. People born in the year of the ox were born in 1937, 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997, and 2009.

Aquamarine is associated with the sea and it is believed to cool tempers and help people get in touch with suppressed emotions.

People born in the year of the ox who wear aquamarine improve their financial situation as well as improve patience and avoid conflict. It also helps you become more trusting and open in relationships.

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Elegant Women’s Solid 14K White Gold 1.43 CTW Diamonds and Aquamarine Earrings


Gorgeous Women’s 14K Solid White Gold 6 Total Diamonds Full 3.10 CTW Aquamarine Designer Earrings


Stunning Women’s Sterling Silver Aquamarine and Diamonds Size 7 Designer Ring


Beautiful Women’s Sterling Silver Aquamarine Size 7 Designer Ring


Gorgeous Women’s Sterling Silver 1.20 CTW Aquamarine and Diamond Size 6 Designer Ring


Beautiful Women’s 10K Solid White Gold Aquamarine and Diamond Size 8 Designer Ring has a ton of other aquamarine jewelry in our Jewelry category!

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