Where are so many different shapes of stone out there. What does an emerald shaped stone say about you?

Emerald shapes are considered old-fashioned, yet they are still elegant and cool. The have a hint of old Hollywood glamour, which may be why they are still popular with the most glamorous celebrities of today.

Women who choose and emerald cut stone are very confident in themselves. They don’t look for the approval of others. They definitely want to make a statement, but they don’t care about being in your face about it. They know everyone will notice them. They also tend to value quality over quantity.

I’ve included links to some of the Emerald cut jewelry featured in this video. If you’d like to bid on any of these items, just click the blue link underneath the picture.


Elegant Women’s 10K White Gold Diamonds and 6.6 CTW Sapphire Size 7 Designer Ring


Gorgeous Women’s Sterling Silver 1.20 CTW Aquamarine and Diamond Size 6 Designer Ring 


Beautiful Women’s White Gold Rhodium Over Solid Sterling Silver 2.60 CTW Amethyst and Tanzanite Size 8 Designer Ring


Gorgeous Women’s Rhodium Over Solid Sterling Silver Huge 3.05 CTW Quartz 0.04 CTW Topaz Size 7 Designer Ring


Captivating Women’s 14K Yellow Gold Over Sterling Silver 18 Diamonds and 8.0 CTW Smokey Topaz Earrings


Gorgeous Women’s 10K Solid White Gold Diamond Emerald and Topaz Size 7 Designer Ring


Gorgeous Women’s Sterling Silver 2.20 CTW Amethyst Size 7 Designer Ring


Gorgeous Women’s Sterling Silver 1.95 CTW Topaz Size 18 Designer Necklace

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