By the time you’ve reaches your 8th anniversary, the pressure is on to get a great gift and have a great celebration. Your partner has already enjoyed seven years of gifts, and they are eagerly anticipating their next one.

The official 8th anniversary gemstone gift is tanzanite. Tanzanite is a beautiful blue stone that is popular for jewelry. Tanzanite makes an especially great gift if your partner’s favorite color is blue.

A vacation getaway is the perfect way to celebrate your 8th anniversary. Whether it’s a three-day weekend, a cruise, or a trip to a big city, what’s important is that you get to spend some quality time alone together.

I’ve included links to the items featured in this video below. If you’d like to bid on any of these items, just click the blue link underneath the picture of the item.


Gorgeous Women’s Solid Sterling Silver 0.85 CTW Tanzanite Size 8 Designer Ring


Mesmerizing Women’s 14K White Gold Over Sterling Silver Diamonds and Tanzanites 7 Inch Bracelet


Stunning Women’s Rhodium Over Solid Sterling 10 Total Diamonds Full 0.75 CTW Tanzanite Size 7 Designer Ring


Gorgeous Women’s White Gold Rhodium Over Solid Sterling Silver 0.6 CTW Violet Tanzanite Size 7 Designer Promise Ring


Gorgeous Women’s 10K Solid Yellow Gold 1.5 CTW Tanzanite and 0.13 CTW 22 Diamonds Size 7 Designer Ring


Mesmerizing Women’s Sterling Silver 0.9 CTW Tanzanite Designer Earrings


Gorgeous Women’s Sterling Silver 0.66 CTW Tanzanite Designer Earrings


Beautiful Women’s Sterling Silver 1.25 CTW Tanzanite Size 7 Designer Ring


Beautiful Women’s White Gold Rhodium Over Solid Sterling Silver 0.65 CTW Ethiopian Opal and 1.4 CTW Tanzanite 18 Inch Designer Necklace has a lot more tanzanite jewelry in our Jewelry category!

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