The Chinese Zodiac is based on the Chinese Lunar Calendar. Every year, a different animal and luck stone is assigned, repeating only every twelve years.

The Chinese Lunar Luck Stone for those born in the year of the rabbit is a pearl. People born in the year of the rabbit were born in 1939, 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999, and 2011.

According to legend, pearls cool tempers. They are also believed to bring out feminine energy.

According to legend, people born in the year of the rabbit who wear pearls find that their careers blossom, they have strong luck in love, and are very productive in their lives in general.


2.7 CWT, A Grade, Round Shape Chinese Pearl


Stunning Women’s Rhodium Over Solid Sterling Silver Diamonds and 1.0 CTW Pearl 18 Inch Designer Necklace


Stunning Women’s White Gold Rhodium Plated Full 2.0 CTW Round Cut Clear Cubic Zirconia with Shell Pearl Size 7 Designer Ring


Gorgeous Women’s 18K Yellow Gold Over Solid Sterling Silver 0.20 CTW Diamond and 6.0 CTW Pearl 7.5 Inch Designer Bracelet


Beautiful Women’s 18K Yellow Gold Over Sterling Silver 1.0 CTW Pearl 18 Inch Designer Necklace


6.5 CWT Fine Quality AAA Grade Button Shape Pearl


Stunning Women’s Sterling Silver 1.48 CTW Amethyst Designer Earrings


Captivating Women’s Sterling Silver 2.12 CTW Topaz Designer Earrings


Gorgeous Women’s Sterling Silver 2.700 CTW Sapphire Size 16 Inch Designer Necklace

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