PoliceAuctions.com has decided to feature some of our favorite items for this week’s Staff Picks. This week, we’re focusing on Autographed Memorabilia.

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1996 Brett Farve 23K Gold Card

  • 23K gold foil
  • Grade: Gem-Mint 10
  • Signed by Brett Farve
  • Limited edition
  • Individually machine serial numbered
  • Depicts Brett Favre on both front and reverse
  • Comes in an ultrasonically sealed acrylic case


1996-1997 Kobe Bryant 23K Gold Rookie Card

  • Genuine 23K gold card
  • Grade: Gem-Mint 10
  • Signed by Kobe Bryant
  • Limited Edition
  • Individually machine serial numbered


Lee Grant Vintage Signed Cut Photograph Card

  • Vintage cut photograph card
  • Signed by Lee Grant
  • Academy Award-winning actress


Certified Wayne Gretzky Signed Heroes Of The Game Magazine

  • Authentic Heroes Of The Game magazine
  • Signed by Wayne Gretzky
  • PSA/DNA-certified
  • Comes with certification number


Certified Henry Hill Autographed 8.5×11 Photo

  • Signed “Goodfellas” by Henry Hill
  • 8.5″ x 11″ photo
  • PSA/DNA-certified
  • Comes with actual certification

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