It’s October, which means there’s a ton of October birthdays coming up this month! The October birthstone in Opal, so has decided to feature some of our sapphire items for your last-minute shopping needs!

Opal is formed when seasonal rains soak especially dry ground in places like Australia’s outback. The rain causes silica deposits to form in underground rocks which eventually turn into opals.

Some people think that wearing opal is unlucky if you’re not born in October, but this is actually just a superstition made up for the novel Anne of Geierstien by Sir Walter Scott.

Throughout history, opals were actually considered on of the most lucky and magical gemstones due to their color. They were even once thought to preserve life and the color of blonde hair.

I’ve included links to the opal items featured in this video. If you’d like to bid on any of these items, just click the blue link below the picture of the item.


Gorgeous Women’s Sterling Silver 1.85 CTW Opal and Topaz Size 8 Designer Ring


Stunning Women’s Solid Sterling Silver 0.96 CTW Opal and 0.02 CTW Topaz Size 6 Designer Ring


Stunning Women’s Sterling Silver 2.80 CTW Opal and Tanzanite Size 7 Designer Ring


Stunning Women’s White Gold Rhodium Over Sterling Silver 1.68 CTW Opal Size 6 Designer Ring


Gorgeous Women’s White Gold Rhodium Over Solid Sterling Silver 2.46 CTW Opal 1.68 CTW Tanzanite and Topaz Size 6 Designer Ring


Beautiful Women’s 14K White Gold Over Sterling Silver Tanzanite and Opal Designer Earrings


Gorgeous Women’s 14K White Gold Over Sterling Silver Opal and Ruby Designer Earrings


Stunning Women’s 10K Solid Yellow Gold Natural White Zircon and 1.51 CTW Opal Size 7 Designer Ring

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