PoliceAuctions.com has decided to feature some of our favorite items for this week’s Staff Picks. This week, we’re focusing on emerald jewelry.

If you see any items you’d like to bid on, just click the blue link under the picture to go directly to the bidding page:


Stunning Women’s 14K Solid Yellow Gold 5 CTW Emerald and 0.18 CTW Diamond Designer Earrings

  • Come in a pair
  • Material: 14k solid yellow gold
  • 2 emeralds for a total of 5 CTW of emerald
  • 42 diamonds for a total of 0.18 CTW of diamonds


Stunning Women’s Sterling Silver 1.85 CTW Emerald Designer Ring

  • Size: 8
  • Material: sterling silver
  • 19 emeralds for a total of 1.85 CTW of emerald

74777Gorgeous Women’s Sterling Silver 0.85 Carat Emerald 0.84 CTW Topaz Designer Ring

  • Size: 7
  • Material: sterling silver
  • Contains a single 0.85 carat emerald
  • 12 topazes for a total of 0.84 CTW of topaz


Stunning Women’s 14K Yellow Gold Over Solid Sterling Silver 10.15 Carat Emerald Designer Ring

  • Size: 7
  • Material: 14k yellow gold-plated sterling silver
  • Contains a single 10.15 carat emerald


Stunning Women’s 10K Solid Yellow Gold Zambian Emerald & Natural White Zircon Designer Ring

  • Size: 7
  • Material: 10k solid yellow gold
  • Contains a single 0.93 carat emerald
  • 12 natural white zircon for a total of 0.2 CTW of natural white zircon

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