The Buy Direct Price on is also known as the BDP. To view the BDP in the Terms And Conditions, first login to your account by clicking Login in the upper righthand corer of the screen. Once you’re taken to the Login page, you can either click the blue Login With Facebook button if you account is synced with Facebook, or enter your username and password before clicking the green Login button.

After you’ve logged in, scroll the the bottom of the page. In the footer of the page, you’ll see Terms And Conditions listed under the Your Account column. Click on Terms And Conditions. You’ll then be taken to the Terms Of Service page. Information about the Buy Direct Price can be found in Section 4, Paragraph 8:

“The presence of the Buy Direct link allows you to check to see if an additional quantity of an auction item is available for sale at the Buy Direct price. No guarantee of available inventory is made, and the presence of the Buy Direct Price does not constitute an offer of the item at that price if no additional inventory is available. If no additional unit is available, then the Buy Direct link will return a message stating there is none available at this time. No guarantee is made that items will be available in the future at the Buy Direct Price. Because many items will be bought and sold during the course of an auction, the quantity of items available via the Buy Direct link is constantly changing, so check back often if you wish to use this feature. Please note: Immediate Payment is required upon use of Buy Direct link. Use of the Buy Direct link does not end or affect the auction. Once an item is allocated to auction, it remains at auction until the auction is ended.

Listing of Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) and Buy Direct Price (BDP) are not statements of value and no value is implied by either MSRP or BDP, or any fraction thereof. Presence of a brand name does not imply or guarantee value. We make no claim to any value of items listed on this site whatsoever. In general, we do not comment on values because values are too subjective.”

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