You may have already noticed and new updated website. Today, we will be going over how to place a bid as well as changes on the new site.

To bid on an item, you have to be logged in. To login to your account, click Login in the upper righthand corner of the page. You’ll be taken to the Login page where you can either click the blue Login With Facebook button if your account is synced with Facebook, or enter your email and password before clicking the green Login button.

Once you’re logged in, you can sear for an item you’d like to bid on using the Categories column on the lefthand side of the page. When you find an item that you’d like to bid on, click the picture of the item and you’ll be taken to its Bid Page.

When placing a bid, you have three options:

1. Bid Box

The Bid Box is located under the countdown timer for that item. It is a white box with a “$” next to it. When placing a bid with the Bid Box, manually type $1 more than the current winning bid. To submit your bid, click the green button next to the Bid Box that contains that dollar amount of your bid.

2. Quick Bid

The Quick Bid button is the blue button located underneath the Bid Box. Since auctions are $1 auctions, bids must increase by a minimum of $1 increments. The Quick Bid button will automatically bid $1 more than the current winning bid.

3 Max. Bid/Proxy Bid

To place a Max. or Proxy Bid, type in the most you are willing to pay for an item in the Bid Box and click the green button next to the bid box. The system will automatically bid $1 more than the current winning bid on your behalf.

After you’ve placed your Max. or Proxy Bid, if another user places a higher bid than you, the system will automatically bid $1 more than their bid until you reach the maximum amount that you were willing to pay for that item.

It’s important to remember that the system will not bid for you if the auction exceeds your Max. or Proxy Bid. You’ll have to enter a new Max. or Proxy Bid if you want the system to continue bidding for you.

Keep in mind that auctions are $1 no-reserve auctions. The amount you win the item for, plus shipping and applicable taxes, is the amount you will pay for that item.

One of the updates to is a new feature that allows you to see your Max. or Proxy Bid. After you place your Max. or Proxy Bid, this new feature will appear above the Bid History section of the Bid Page. Only you will be able to see your Max. or Proxy Bid. No other user will be able to see it.

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