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PoliceAuctions.com, now with over 7 million members, was founded in 1999 by Vortal Group, Inc. In its early days, the site was a simple list of links to government auctions and other interesting websites. Over the years, the company developed it into the most comprehensive government auction data available on the Internet, with more listings and more accurate up-to-date government auction data than any other site on the web.

in 2013, the company was renamed as Serrf Corp., reflecting a modernization of the culture and a revision to its cutting edge web 2.0 streaming technology for its wholesale $1 auctions, bringing a superior auction experience to its users. These no reserve auctions feature bids that update real-time, with no need to refresh the page, making for a more exciting and natural auction environment. This, combined with a toll-free support line and friendly customer service, makes buying through online auctions fast, easy, and reliable.

For items purchased directly through the PoliceAuctions.com website, the company offers a 100% money back guarantee on every item (not including shipping fees)  with a 7 day return policy. Users can bid with confidence knowing they will receive their item in a timely manner.

Many users have posted testimonials about their auction experience with us and what it has meant for them. If you have any questions about specific items or membership policies, please feel free to call us at 1-714-556-4900, Monday through Friday, 8-4 Pacific Time.